Beaches of Formentera

This broad and wide coastal ribbon with several beaches as Cavall d’en Borras, The Illetes and Es Trucadors in the Nature Reserve of The Salines of Eivissa and Formentera is one of the most coveted littoral zones of the Mediterranean, as well by bathers as by enthusiasts for nautical sports. Most of these splendid beaches are looking to the west, except the one of Llevant, that is separated by a narrow line of dunes and has a view to the east. It is less frequented, but has as well as the other ones a sublime water quality and a perfect layer of fine golden sand.

If you go by walking, bicycle or any vehicle of electrical propulsion, you have free access to all the beaches in the Nature Reserve, but motorbikes , mopeds, cars and quads will have to pay a parking tax wich amount depends on the epoch of the year. The control posts are situated on the entrance of the Park. In August, the high point of the season, it might be difficult to get access into that area, due to a lack of space, when the parkings are totally occupied, they are closed. Newcomers have to wait until there are free places again.

The Parque Natural is an enclave where the bathing quest will find all the beach services he desires: sun beds, umbrellas, sailing schools, kiosks and restaurants with typical Mediterranean dishes on their menu card, above all seafood and rice specialities.

It is true that these beaches in July and August are extremely crowded, but during the rest of the season this splendid natural environment suffer less of the high pressure of midsummer, and the west coast becomes a stage for dreaming with incredible sunsets, every evening a different spectacle , with the firewall bursting out his last rays in amazing cascades of colours from orange over pink to violet and than slowly sinking into the sea, vanishing behind the clear line of the horizon and night can come...



On the Cavall d’en Borras beach. Restaurant in the shadow of pinetrees with international kitchen, elaborated cocktails and what is more….. perfect sunsets!


In the Nature Reserve. Restaurant in the antic salt mill with Mediterranean kitchen Specialities lobster, fresh fish, rice dishes and... incredible view of the Vedra, Ibiza and sunset. A must!.


Where the Illetes beach begins. Kiosk, restaurant where almost nothing is lacking on the menu .card. Lobster, seafood, stew, fresh fish and…and…and… everything with the flavour of the sea.


In the middle of the Illetes beach. Paella, lobster, fresh fish, various rice dishes. Reservation recommendable.


On the isthmus between west and east, at the end of the Illetes beach. Classical Restaurant with mediterranean kitchen and an enormous terrace with seaview to both sides.


In the Nature Reserve, on the Llevant beach among the dunes, looking to the east. A restaurant that is still faithful to the genuine traditional local kitchen, with an ample menu card. The site is a privileged one and “it’s all in the family”.


In the dunes of the Llevant beach. Wooden kiosk with a big terrace, perfect for all kind of informal meals.


To the east Formentera’s shore continues in a serie of creeks in form of a half-moon, that are separated by zones of rocks and protected against the forces of the sea by natural riffs.

SA ROQUETA: Various hotels in an environment of quietness and riffs.

Continuing direction east, there is the Es Pujols bay, the only beach inside an urbanized zone on the island. This is the real tourist center with a multiple offer of lodgings, apartments, hotels and other services. Fashion boutiques, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, discotheques: commercial, topical, the real feeling of “holidays”.


With the sea at your feet, it’s evident that there is a dense concentration of all kinds of restaurants, bars and cafes for every taste, every style, every purse. A few ones disserve of being given due prominence:

SA VARADERO: Meat from the brazier.

ES PINATAR: Traditional cuisine of Formentera, rice specialities.

ES CAPRI: Specialized in rice dishes and fresh fish.

MA VIE: Mediterranean kitchen.

CAMINITO: Speciality of meat of Argentina from the brazier. (Just outside the village).


This creek on the Westside of Cap de Barberia is a very snug and welcoming. A half-moon in the front of the sea, surrounded by impressive cliffs and old fisher huts that go back to an antic local tradition, and are still in use for the typical and efficient island float. These huts here, and all the other ones along Formentera’s coast are declared as“Good of Cultural Interest”. As the beach is very flat, it is very easy for children and older persons to go into the sea. For food and drinking there are various possibilities.


RESTAURANTE SOL: Fresh fish, rice dishes.

RESTAURANTE CHACALA: International kitchen.

KIOSK CALA SAONA: House made kitchen, cocktails at sunset.


With more than 6 kilometers of thin sand the Migjorn beach ( the “midday” beach), is the longest one of the island. It starts at the defence tower of “ Pi d’es Català” a historical enclave that everlooks the whole southern slope. The Migjorn beach is a succession of minuscule creeks although in its central part, called “ Ca Mari”, there are a lot of hotels and all thinkable services. There are lodgings, apartments, tourist houses, all of them looking to the south. At the end of the coast, where the cliffs of La Mola start, there is another complex of luxury hotels.

In this zone, the visitor can enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean with the choice, the whole year long, between an isolated and secret creek or more animated part of the beach. There are a few typical “Chiringuitos”, small beach kiosks, that are opened every day in summer and, out of season, in the weekends. There the guests are treated as “in the family”. The gastronomical possibilities are almost endless.


SA PLATGETA: Nearby the watch tower Es Pi d’es Català, in a privileged zone under pine trees, looking South. Paella, seafood, fresh fish and an ample menu card to satisfy the most demanding palate. Very informal ambience. (There is a “Ses Platjetes” in Es Calo, do not confound!).

PELAYO: In the shadow of the pine forest, this oldfashioned kiosk maintains the tradition of the sixties: main dish is the “Paella”. The clients can follow with their own eyes how to the giant frying pan ( good for one hundred portions!). is suddering on a bonfire.

SOL Y LUNA: On a big terrace there is enough place for large families.

PLAYA REAL: Rice dishes, fresh fish... and a lovely sandbeach.

VOGAMARI: A perfect combination of traditional island specialities and the best of the mediterranean cuisine.

BLUE BAR: Not only a restaurant but a legend, too. With blue as it’s striking colour it was and is a place to be!. Blue the sea , blue the sky, blue the colour of Donovan’s “true love’s eyes”, ...and surely one of the innumerable musicians that gave live performance there has written the “Blue bar’s blues” on some starry night. Since the late sixties always swinging with live concerts, dj evenings and other spectacular events.

FLIPPER: For chilling, relaxing and enjoying an elaborate and sophisticate lunch or dinner.

ES CUPINAR: By the “ Hotel Riu”, first line on the beach owned by a professional fisher family, so to say: the fish jumps from the sea on your plate.

ES ARENALS: Besides a rich choice of seafood and fish, you can taste here genuine meat of Formentera, for example lamb that has pastured in the fields next door and smells of rosemary and wild thyme!


Before you arrive at the small village of Es Calo de Sant Augusti, you find the coast of “Ses Platgetes “small beaches”, with intervals of rocky zones. A phantastic panorama unfolds itself: Ibiza with some smaller nearby islands and to the East the promontory of La Mola. Taking a rest in the sympathic beach-kiosk-restaurant “Amoriodio” you can try to find out what the colour of the sea in front of you might be?. Turquoise? Emerald? Petrol green? Royal blue? Marine blue or violet? Or?...

Es Calo was in ancient times the first small port that linked Formentera with Ibiza, by strong winds very dangerous! La Savina where it was safer, established itself later on, but “ Es Calo” didn’t change much in the last one hundred years and kept its same image with its typical wooden dry docks for the traditionals “llaüts” and “ botes” (fisher boats) in a half circle around the rudimentary jetty.

The beauty of this idyllic site has been an inspiration for artists from everywhere. Musicians, photograhers, writers, poets, painters, all of them caught by the magic of this antic little port. There are tree restaurants; two of them “Pascual” and “Rafalet” with a longtime tradition of fresh fish dishes, and other typical focal plates.

“Pascual” is on the road to La Mola, “ Rafalet” sits” on the rocks of the seashore itself. The third one “Es Calo” is a newcomer, but making a quick start up thanks to its quality Mediterranean cuisine.


CAN TONI: Next to the church. The owner, spanish topmodel Eugenia Silva, has styled it according to her taste, high quality, sophistication and elaboration as well in the place itself as in the menucard.

PEQUEÑA ISLA:The “small Island” offers a big choise of dishes, above all : meat from the grill.

SANT FERRAN PIZZERIA MACONDO: “one of the oldies”, already its pizzas and italian kitchen have been a great succes from the beginning.

FONDA PEPE: Since the sixties a “place of the world”. International public, international food.

CAN FORN:Small but sweet, and very “ from Formentera”.

SANT FRANCESC The “ Capital” with everything a hungry person needs. PA I VI: “House made” with top quality!.

ES MARES: In the center of town, the only 4 stars hotel in Formentera. Its wine cellar and its cuisine will make happy the most exigent gourmet!.

CA NA PEPA: In an old farmer’s house next to the church. For an exquisite breakfast, a refreshing “cafe con leche” in the sun, or a tasty lunch.

CAN PACIENCIAS: In a small passage in Sant Francesc, local kitchen.

EL MATINAL: Whatever you could wish for breakfast, they have it!. Even the good humour to start the day with. Coffe? Tea? Juice? Sandwich? Croissant? Pastry?. Just dream of it and .... There it is!!!

CAFETERIA SAN FRANCISCO: What the name says “ Cafeteria”. Coffee house, very old style, where the taxi driver and the old farmer come to chat and eat some house made meal.

CAN CARLOS: Just outside the center. Italian restaurant with a perfect attention for every detail.

RESTAURANTE ES CAP: Where the road to Cap the Barbaria splits to go to Cala Saona. House made kitchen, paella, fresh fish, rice dishes and a lot of typical Formentera Plates.

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